Continuous Cable Support

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Continuous Cable Support Systems

In order to facilitate both expansion of the Network and the possible reconfiguration of office spaces; All of GO InfoTek’s designs include a complete Continuous Support System for all cables.

What does this mean to the client?

This means that no matter what you may decide to do to your office space in the future, you do not need to worry about  

damaging the critical cabling infrastructure of your business.   Most cable installers try to take the shortest distance between the jack and the patch panel. This saves both time and materials. However, this technique becomes disastrous in the event of office construction and cabling troubleshooting.  The problem is that you never know where your cables are.

GO InfoTek avoids these future perils by running all cables in “master-bundles” above perimeter hallways.  All drops exit this “master-bundle” in 90 degree paths to the jack location.  This way you ALWAYS know where your cables are. But by itself, this is not enough.  Cables must utilize their own suspension system that is completely independent of drop ceiling supports and other structures. This way if you knock down or add a wall, all of your existing cabling is protected. And, if the office grows, additional cables can be easily laid into these supports.

It has been GO InfoTek’s experience that most companies that utilize a significant amount of modular furniture in their office wind up adding, moving, or re-designing their office layouts at least once during the occupancy of a particular office space.  This one event will easily justify and receive the return on this investment.

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