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Advanced Certification Testing

All GO InfoTek Cable installations are CERTIFIED End-to End.  That is from the jack to the "final" patch-panel or wiring block. Category 5e Certification consists of the following tests, all which must pass within pre-specified guidelines:

  • Wiremap - Assures that the cabling pin-outs are wired properly.
  • Resistance - The blockage or obstruction of current flow. A property of all conductors, it is measured in ohms.
  • Length - The distance of a communications link measured by a tester with a TDR. For TIA/EIA 568-B.2, the Permanent Link is limited to 90 meters of horizontal cabling embedded in the walls and ceiling plenum. Length is one of the ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-B.2 required tests for a Category 5e UTP cable limited to a total distance of 100 meters including the Permanent Link of 90 meters + 10 meters allowance of line cords, patch cords and up to two cross-connects in a link
  • Capacitance - The measured ability of an electronic component to store an electrical charge
  • Attenuation - The degradation of signal level along the cable due to losses in the cable.
  • NEXT - Near End Crosstalk - The coupling of power from the transmitted signal pair to an adjacent pair at the same transmitting end of the LAN cable.  This is one of the most common failures from poor terminations at the jack and patch panel.
  • ACR - Attenuation Crosstalk Ratio - ACR is a comparison of signal strength to noise interference and is used as a bandwidth indicator.
  • Return Loss - A measure of impedance mismatch indicated by a return echo signal reflection. Like attenuation, excessive return loss indicates reduced signal strength at the receiver end and it can indicate a mismatched impedance at some point along the cable link.
  • Impedance - The measure of a transmission medium's impedance throughout its length and over a swept frequency spectrum. When terminating transmission media, it is important to match its Characteristic Impedance so as to minimize reflections.
  • Propagation Delay - The time it takes for a signal to propagate from one end of a conducting pair to the opposite end of that pair.
  • PowerSum - Pair-to-Pair measurements are used to measure one pair against another. Power Sum measurements select a pair and then measure the disturbances from other pairs within the same sheath.
  • ELFEXT - Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk - A measure of the unwanted signal coupling from a transmitter at the near-end into a neighboring pair measured at the far-end relative to the received signal level measured on that same pair. This is an extremely important Category 5e test.
  • HEADROOM - Headroom is the sum of the natural margin, or ACR, of the cabling and the additional margin between the worst case NEXT and the limit for NEXT.
  • PSACR - Power Sum Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio.

Without passing results on each of these tests, the installed cable does not meet TIA/EIA standards and may not function as required.

GO InfoTek delivers full documentation of these test results for your permanent records.

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