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Managed Security Services

Augmenting or replacing internal security with a Managed Security Service Provider such as GO InfoTek lets the enterprise focus on its core competencies while improving security. Most businesses look at security as a cost center. Thus few resources and little attention are devoted to this business critical function.  This lack of attention can make you a lightning rod for hacker attacks.

In todayís connected world, security is no longer a luxury. Like insurance, security is now a business necessity. Some of the factors that help businesses determine a budget for their security needs are:

  • Management's perception of the business' value
  • Cost of Information loss.
  • Cost to firm's reputation.
  • Added value for firmís clients.
  • Government regulations regarding privacy of data

Some argue it may not be wise to relinquish control of security to a third party. But this has been done for years in securing the physical sites of businesses. The same principles hold true for information security.

GO InfoTek offers a Managed Security Solution designed for the small to mid-sized enterprise.  By outsourcing your security solution you avoid the typical problems that companies without specific experience in this discipline encounter.  Some of the competencies that GO InfoTek brings to a project are:

  • Hardening network devices, operating systems and applications.
  • Monitor security device logs
  • Look for trends over the course of months
  • Respond to incidents.
  • Perform basic forensic analysis.
  • Monitoring hacker newsgroups
  • Follow the advisories issued by CERT (
  • Staying abreast of the latest threats.
  • Watching and linking activities throughout our customer base.

Remember, security is never foolproof. The goal is to reach an "acceptable" risk level that meets your company's needs & budget.

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