Vulnerablity Assesment Audits

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Remote Vulnerability Assesmnents

A RemoteVulnerability Assesmnent (RVA) is a subset of our Full Security Audit and focuses GO InfoTek’s technical skills against the client's perimeter defenses in an attempt to compromise those defenses. A compromise is defined as a lack of organizational confidentiality, integrity, availability or potential of unauthorized access. A GO InfoTek RVA looks at all of the external vulnerabilities that expose your organization's information to risk.

Powered by some of the industries finest assesment tools, our security audits provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective security auditing services available.. The audits:

  • Provide an external view of your network's security,
  • Examine your system/network with the most comprehensive vulnerability test suite available,
  • Provide detailed and comprehensive report on weaknesses found and suggested solutions,
  • Scans all 65,535 ports of an IP for open ports and possible trojans
  • Examines your system with a full suite of 997 vulnerability tests, with new tests added on a weekly basis,
  • Allows flexibility of scheduling Audits
  • Allows recurring Audits

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