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Wire Management Systems

One of the most important features of a structured cabling system is Wire Management.  Wire Management is not only a cosmetic issue (neatness) but it is also critical during moves additions and changes (MACís). Without proper wire management MACís can be difficult to perform and could result in disruption of system resources to the organization. All of GO InfoTekís Cable designs employ state of the art Wire Management.

Here are some examples of no wire management and/or improperly utilized wire management products:

Here is what these sites looked like after being cleaned up by an engineer experienced in wire management:

As you can see from the above, cabling can easily get out of control.  All of these sites started off looking clean and neat.  But, there was no methodology for keeping it that way. Several years of MACís quickly destroyed these installations.  Soon, every time a change was made for one user, other users were knocked off the network inadvertently.

Examples of some of our Wire Management products:

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